About the Institute

The Institute strives to meet its international mission by providing education, training, and a forum for professional research in Logotherapy.

The Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy is an international organization with members in more than 37 nations on 6 continents. The Institute provides training in Logotherapy through our Continuing Education and Distance Learning programs.  Students from a variety of backgrounds, from all over the world participate in our world-class education programs. The Institute also hosts a World Congress on Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy every two years. Following a recent World Congress, participants have described the Congress as:

“People from around the world assembled in a spirit of kinship.”

“From the dedication of so many people, Frankl’s ‘defiant power of the human spirit’ has received new impetus in both interpersonal and international relations.”

“On the first day of the Congress, I entered a ballroom filled with strangers. Four days later, I went home, knowing I was truly a member of an international family.”

The International Board of Directors