Memduh Özmert



Having a B.Sc. in Statistics and M.Sc. in Management Science and Operational Research from Warwick University UK, Memduh, has more than 30 years of experience in academia, government and in IT industry mainly on people management, consultancy, and program management.

As a Diplomate in Logotherapy and a faculty member of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy Memduh is currently providing: (i) certificate trainings on Logotherapy, (ii) keynote speeches and workshops based on meaning at work and, meaningful organizations, (iii)consultancy services to organizations in their change management processes to attain a meaningful and resilient culture. He provides coaching services based on the principles of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy specifically on contexts: “Major Life Decisions”, “Career Development and Unemployment”, “Meaningful Leadership and Workplaces”.

He is interested in Edmund Husserl’s phenomenology and currently initiated a meaningful living movement in Istanbul and involving in social volunteering projects on Career Resilience and young unemployment based on EALT framework.

He sees his mission to contribute people to become more meaning and purpose oriented and humanize workplaces and the business.

Teaching Methods

Email: No
Telephone: No
Online (Skype, Zoom, etc.): Yes
Group (maximum of 6)
On-Site, place to be announced: No
Online (Skype, Zoom, Etc.): Yes