Prof Solomon (Oupa) Makola: “When Knowledge Gives Up”

Dr.Makola shared his personal reflection on Dr Viktor Frankl’s teaching on the subject, “when knowledge give up the touch is handed over to faith.”Dr. Makola stated that: “Dr. Viktor Frankl’s teaching resonates deeply with me, especially during times of uncertainty or adversity. There have been moments in my life where I’ve felt overwhelmed by the limitations of knowledge and understanding. In those moments, I’ve turned to faith – not only in a religious sense, but also in the belief that there is meaning and purpose even in the midst of chaos.”Dr.Makola further stated that: “Faith, for me, is about trusting in something beyond myself, whether it’s in the resilience of the human spirit, the interconnectedness of all beings, or a higher power. It’s about finding hope and strength in the face of challenges that seem insurmountable.  Frankl’s teaching reminds me that even when knowledge fails to provide answers, there is still room for growth, meaning, and healing through faith. It’s a reminder to remain open to the possibilities that lie beyond our understanding and to cultivate a sense of trust in the journey, even when the path ahead is unclear”

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