Logotherapy for Clinical Practice


This is a practically oriented course for licensed professionals that provides a contemporary focus on logotherapy for behavioral health disorders.  The course includes theoretical underpinnings, clinical applications, and clinical research. Broad concepts in ethics and culture are included.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the courses: “Foundations of Logotherapy”, “Attitudinal Change” and “Meaning-Centered Interventions” 

Please read carefully the “Description” stated below before you register.

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The learner is guided in navigating the dialectical paradoxes of wholism and pluralism, objectivity and subjectivity, absurdity/facticity and meaning, and Frankl’s dimensional ontology, in the unique phenomenologies of client life and existential distress. Emphasis will be on competency in case study analysis of creatively applying self-distancing and self-transcendence to support client’s meaning-discovery.

Logotherapy: Logotherapy for Clinical Practice is approved by the American Psychological Association for 30 hours of Continuing Education Credits (CEU)

Upon payment processed by the Institute you will receive correspondence from the Educational Coordinator with your assigned faculty member and further instructions.

Required Reading: Detailed in Course Syllabus. After registering for the course, the Course Syllabus will be accessible.

Achievement: Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the VIKTOR FRANKL Institute of Logotherapy upon successful completion of the course. The course must be completed within one year from date of registration. Application is invalidated one year from date of registration.

If you have any questions please send an email to  educationcoordinator@viktorfranklinstitute.org