LogoChat 1 April 2023


Third virtual gathering will take place on 1st of April at 12:00 PM US Central time zone. Dr. Doreen Francis is going to host and the focus will be on “the Meaning of Attitude” 

Logochats will be held the first Saturday every other month. Times may vary in order to allow individuals to join from different timezones. In order to attend, you must create an account and register for the “Logochat.” That will allow you to receive a zoom invite. Logochats are free and open to all interested individuals.

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” Our second Logotherapy course is dedicated to this topic and seems to underpin everything we think, feel and behave. I have always been fascinated by the depth and width of Attitude…” Doreen Francis

“Whenever we suffer — no matter what the severity of our suffering is — we have the ability to find meaning in the situation.” The ability – we have the Freedom to take Responsibility – to use our Ability to Respond to whatever we are faced with in life. Frankl believed in what he called the “last of the human freedoms”—the ultimate freedom to choose our attitude. Although we are not always in control of the conditions or situations that confront us, the important thing is that we can choose how we respond – through our choice of attitude. According to Frankl, this is not only our right as human beings, but also our full human beingness to be free in this manner. All we have to do is resist the temptation of remaining “prisoners of our thoughts” and choose this freedom, no matter what. (Alex Pattakos)

“But – what does this mean – in the Logotherapeutic sense of Meaning – which is our own unique sense of meaning. At the same time, we come together as the human race by choosing the common value of taking responsibility to be free – Freedom begins with Attitude. Your feedback is welcome,” Doreen Francis