LogoChat 5 August 2023


Fifth virtual gathering will take place on 5th. of August at 12:00 PM US Central time zone. Marianne da Silva Prado is going to host and the focus will be on “LogoArt” 

Logochats will be held the first Saturday every other month. Times may vary in order to allow individuals to join from different time zones. In order to attend, you must create an account and register for the “Logochat.” That will allow you to receive a zoom invite. Logochats are free and open to all interested individuals.

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LogoArt is a way for searching meaning through art developed by Marianne Prado. Marianne is going to talk about how LogoArt was developed, in accordance with the principles of Logotherapy. Then one practical exercise will be conducted. If time is sufficient then, the difference between art and art therapy will be discussed.