Contemporary Applications of Logo-Philosophy


This course is designed for those who are interested in the application of logotherapy and logophilosophy in spaces outside of direct health care settings, including but not limited to coaching, education, business, consulting, and organizational life. The course is focused on the philosophy and posture of Franklian approaches, and applications in various aspects of life. Ample attention is given to ethical considerations.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the courses: “Foundations of Logotherapy”, “Attitudinal Change” and “Meaning-Centered Interventions” 

Please read carefully the “Description” stated below before you register.

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The course has 10 modules and frames logo-philosophy application through the lens of maieutic presence, with attention to the importance of stillness, the awakening of conscience for its noetic discernment, techniques for values-discourse, and a variety of tools and interview-approaches to draw forth self-transcendence and self-distancing towards meaning-discovery. This course involves a study of the affirmative, future oriented, holistic approach of logotherapy that seeks to reverse the trend of meaninglessness, depersonalization, and nihilism. The course focuses on helping to facilitate an awareness of dignity and uniqueness within the individual as a source of strength and well-being for making choices and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Upon payment processed by the Institute you will receive correspondence from the Educational Coordinator with your assigned faculty member and further instructions.

Achievement: Certificate of Completion will be awarded by the VIKTOR FRANKL Institute of Logotherapy upon successful completion of the course. The course must be completed within one year from date of registration. Application is invalidated one year from date of registration.

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