“Man’s Search for Meaning-Youth Edition” in China

In recent years, a phenomenon has become more and more obvious. Many young people, have superior material conditions, but they feel empty inside. They cannot find their own real want, like a small boat wandering in the vast sea, they cannot feel the meaning of life and the motivation to live and cannot even find themselves.

On December 30,2021, Sansheng Academy invited Zhiwen Zheng and Daniel Zheng to introduce “Man’s search for meaning-Youth Edition” to the parents of teenagers. Nearly 100 parents attended the online reading club.

Zhiwen Zheng and Daniel Zheng introduced Frankel and Logotherapy, Frank’s experience and reflection in the Nazi concentration camp helped many adults emerge from the trough…… What is the message that this book sends to teenagers? How to improve your children’s resilience?How to cultivate a sense of meaning in family life? How to transcend the culture of being eager for quick success and instant benefits?

Many parents were very interested in Daniel’s learning of Logotherapy and his experience in the Ocean Behavior Hospital, they asked a lot of questions, and Daniel’s answer also gave them a lot of inspiration.

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