Marianne De Silva Prado



Marianne Prado is an Art Therapist from São Paulo, Brazil. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteadoin Brasil in 1982.  She studied Art Therapy in Centro Paulus de Estudos Gotheanisticos in 1991.  Ms. Prado earned the credential of Diplomate Educator from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy in Dallas, Texas in 1999 where her final work was LogoArt: combining Art Therapy and Logotherapy.  She has a practice working with clients and teaching in Brazil and Finland. She has given presentations on Logoart at many Congresses around the world, including Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, EUA, Canada, Finland, Russia, and Turkey.  In 2006, she published a book LogoArt: Finding Meaning through Art, and she has a new book in print for a 2020 publication.

Her interests are in teaching and spreading Logotherapy and LogoArt.  She works with children and adults with art. She has received awards from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy for Leadership and for developing LogoArt.

Teaching Methods

Email: No
Telephone: Nos
Online (Skype, Zoom, etc.): Yes Other: On-site
Group (maximum of 6)
On-Site, place to be announced: Yes
Online (Skype, Zoom, Etc.): Yes