Prof. Alexander Batthyány, Ph.D

His presentation is entitled: Meaning Here, Now: Lessons from Logotherapy and the Psychology of Death and Dying. It will focus on what it means to live a life worth living, and a life worth leaving behind when the time has come. In this talk, ten insights or lessons learned on this path – lessons for everyday life, to find and fulfill meaning right here and now will be discussed

Prof. Alexander Batthyány



Prof. Alexander Batthyány, PhD, holds the Viktor Frankl Chair for Philosophy and Psychology at the International Academy of Philosophy in the Principality of Liechtenstein and is Director of the newly established Research Institute for Theoretical Psychology and Personalist Studies at Pázmány University, Budapest. Since 2012, Batthyány is Visiting Professor for existential psychotherapy at the Moscow University Institute of Psychoanalysis, Russia. He is Director of the Viktor Frankl Institute and the Viktor Frankl Archives in Vienna and first editor of the 14-volume edition of the Collected Works of Viktor Frankl. Batthyány has published over fifteen books and articles which have been translated into eleven languages. He lectures widely on philosophical and existential psychology, theory of cognitive science, and the psychology of death and dying.