by Greg Clark

Joanne Marguerite (Spang) Clark was someone who didn’t need much to be happy. She was gifted with the ability to gain happiness by simply being happy for others. And though it was a gift, she practiced it toward perfecting it. And this allowed us to share many happy mornings simply watching TV game shows.

Joanne carried about her a contentment and calmness that was infectious. In our hobby as antique dealers she loved going new places and meeting new people. She could visit for hours if left to her own devices. At garage sales she would find herself invited into people’s homes so they could show and share something they found in common through visiting. She often talked about the art of visiting and how she grew up going to Grandma’s with her Mother and sitting around “just visiting” for hours.

Joanne was truly a lover of others – a very giving person. Her wants were always set aside to defer to the needs of others. When once asked what her special interests were she responded, “just being a nice person” — and that she was.                                  

Joanne was always supportive of my interests in serving veterans and specifically in my pursuit of learning about Logotherapy. She also took an interest in my learnings and we often referred to Frankl’s teachings in our communication and how we could best go about thinking on any particular concern.       

As we enter this new Virtual Phase of Outreach to the world with Dr. Frankl’s teaching, this gift to the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy is made in honor of Joanne’s Life and her support for me these 38 years.