LogoChat 3 June 2023 (Copy)


Forth virtual gathering will take place on 3rd. of June at 12:00 PM US Central time zone. Memduh. Özmert is going to host and the focus will be on “Tragic Optimism” 

Logochats will be held the first Saturday every other month. Times may vary in order to allow individuals to join from different time zones. In order to attend, you must create an account and register for the “Logochat.” That will allow you to receive a zoom invite. Logochats are free and open to all interested individuals.

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“Let us first ask ourselves what should be understood by a tragic optimism. In brief it means that one is, and remains, optimistic in spite of the “tragic triad,” as it is called in logotherapy, a triad which consists of those aspects of human existence which may be circumscribed by: (1) pain; (2) guilt; and (3) death.”  Man’s Search for Meaning-Viktor Frankl.

The discussion will be on “How is it possible to say yes to life in spite of all that? How, hope is possible under tragedy? and a technique called Existential Questionnaire developed by  Dr.Willem Maas will be introduced by Memduh Özmert.