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The International Forum for Logotherapy:  Journal of Search for Meaning

THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR LOGOTHERAPY is the official publication of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy.  It presents the meaning-oriented existential philosophy and therapy developed by Dr. Viktor Frankl and expanded by logotherapists throughout the world, working in counseling, education, medicine, nursing, psychology, social work, and other fields where the question of meaning becomes pertinent.  The FORUM publishes experiential reports, theoretical papers, personal essays, research studies, innovative logotherapeutic techniques for individuals and groups, and book reviews.  Case studies are not currently being published.

THE INTERNATIONAL FORUM FOR LOGOTHERAPY is published semi-annually in the Spring and Fall.

All articles published in the FORUM from 1978 to 2005 are available on Compact Disc. 



  Forum Editor:

  Robert R. Hutzell, Ph.D.

  Forum Co-Editor:

  Ann-Marie Neale, Ph.D.

  Production Manager: 

  Vicki L. Hutzell

  Columns Editor:

  Stefan E. Schulenberg, Ph.D.

  Peer Review Board for Research Articles:

  Ray Johnson, Ph.D.

  W. Dan Joslyn, Ph.D.

  Julius Rogina, Ph.D.

  Stefan E. Schulenberg, Ph.D.

  Michael Winters, Ph.D.


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